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Your Phone Connect

Your Phone Connect is a new lifeline service master agent provider. We have started our operations in two states currently i.e. Kentucky and Georgia. The mission of this company is to provide free cellular services to those who can’t afford conventional telecommunication services. Your Phone Connect understands that if a user can’t bear telecommunication expenses then of course s/he can’t handle the cost of a cell phone as well. So the company has taken a noble initiative of giving free feature phone along with free telecommunication services to those in need.

Since it’s a free service, it is offered to deserving people only and not everybody can sign up for it. Now delivering the message to these deserving people requires great hunting skills and special personal and professional qualities. Hence, people working for lifeline programs end up helping the poor and needy by providing them with  free cellular service and enhancing their livelihood at the same time.

Your Phone Connect is looking for dynamic field agents to handle the sales on ground level. As a field agent, you will be required to reach out to potential customers personally and introduce them to lifeline program.

You must be well versed with the lifeline program’s signup guidelines and sniff out customers accordingly. You will be required to stay in touch with the Your Phone Connect master agents and distributors; basically you will be serving as a bridge between the customer and the company.

About becoming a team member:

The Your Phone Connect field agent program focuses on training, certification, and ongoing active enhancement of its distribution agent’s knowledge base and efficient distribution skills. Continued education of product knowledge, industry knowledge, regulations, business development, sales and marketing is what Your Phone Connect is about. At Your Phone Connect's very core we are about enhancing and improving our distribution forces professional skills, while reinforcing integrity, honesty and high ethical conduct. We seek positive, self-motivated, results-oriented, and team players to ensure that the team they represent out in the field achieves exceptional data collection accuracy, timeliness in day to day reporting, and execution of strategic steps taken for exceeding daily distribution numbers.

All of Your Phone Connect's Distribution Agents are taught Federal Communication Commission {FCC} and Universal Service Administrative Corporation {USAC} guidelines relating to lifeline products and services. Your Phone Connect's Distribution Agents are then rigorously tested and classroom certified. After Your Phone Connect's Distribution Agents are classroom certified, they are required to become field certified and are additionally required to maintain their certification once per quarter by testing and field evaluations. In addition to lifeline program certification our distribution agents are given the opportunity to learn from additional professional development modules such as customer service, business development, product development, sales, marketing and using the latest business tools.

Our customers are counting on you to deliver our services to them, and that’s important -no matter what role you are in.

Approaching our work with this mindset along with our core values defines how we treat team members, how team members treat each other, and how we treat our customers and their community.

Accept your Reward of giving back to our communities!!!

Your Phone Connect prides itself on being a professional development platform as well an extremely effective way to service the hard to reach customers on a mass scale.